About CRM Knowledge

About us

Specialists in CRM systems and processes.

We’re not a ‘technical company’ – we’re a CRM company, specialist not just in CRM software but also in relevant sales and marketing processes.

CRM software professionals

For around twenty years, we’ve been working with some of the world’s leading CRM systems, helping organisations both large and small – everyone from the UK’s top international banks to small local organisations. Our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dataverse Power Apps and Click Dimensions gives us a wide view of ‘what’s possible’ and enables us to deliver great CRM services with impeccable impartiality.

Experience that goes beyond CRM software

CRM software is only half of the picture. The other half – real commercial sales and marketing experience – is absolutely essential. Without this, organisations unnecessarily bend the way they work to meet the way software happens to function. Our expertise spans both software systems and sales/marketing processes, so we’re able to help organisations with best practice solutions that not only optimises software usage, but also enables the business to work in the most effective way.

A proven track record

Organisations trust CRM Knowledge – with good reason. Our experience and expertise count, for sure, but our solid track record gives organisations the confidence to engage us to help them with one of their key systems and its associated processes. More than the safe pair of hands essential to our role, we’re also proven innovators, leading organisations to significantly more effective ways of working.

Peter Clements is the founder and chief consultant at CRM Knowledge. Peter has around twenty years’ CRM experience, working as a trainer, support professional and consultant. Peter has worked in senior roles across marketing, sales and project delivery and has experience that successfully spans both technical and commercial disciplines.