CRM consulting

CRM consulting

It’s why we’re called CRM Knowledge.

CRM is what we do – it’s all we do. We’re here to provide the specialist CRM knowledge and experience your business needs to make a real success of customer-relationship management.

Expertise on tap.

We’ve been providing CRM consulting services for almost two decades, helping organisations of all sizes to plan, implement and manage CRM systems.

CRM planning

Planning CRM projects

We bring expertise to CRM projects of all types and sizes, adding our specialist knowledge to that of the business and technical teams.


CRM implementation

Implementing CRM projects

We can add to the bandwidth and expertise of a CRM project implementation team or assist with project management and team management.


Maximising CRM benefits

Getting the most from your CRM investment

CRM systems can be powerful – but they are often underutilised. We help organisations make customer-relationship management not only part of their technical infrastructure, but also part of their culture.