CRM support

CRM support

CRM support that’s based on your needs.

We provide support on leading CRM systems around each customer’s needs, in the context of their business, to provide a more complete service.

We’re here to help.

CRM Knowledge can provide either additional bandwidth or the CRM skills your business is lacking, helping people across the organisation to get the most from your CRM systems.

Support for CRM users

Helping marketing, sales and service teams

We help those teams across the business who use your CRM systems to understand not just the functionality of those systems but also the underlying business processes and how both support the organisation.


Support for technical teams

Helping those who build and maintain CRM systems

We provide additional, proven CRM skills to your technical teams to help them create, deploy, manage and support CRM systems across the business.


Knowledge support for business teams

Keeping stakeholders’ knowledge current

We’re here for business leaders and managers to call on as needed – to help them understand not only CRM systems but also customer-relationship management and how it works across an organisation.


CRM support for support teams

Helping those who provide CRM support

Even those tasked with providing support on CRM systems can need a little help sometimes. We’re here to provide that second line of defence, to be called on when specialist knowledge or additional bandwidth is required.


Support for CRM projects

Helping to deliver fixed-term CRM projects

We can provide additional bandwidth and CRM expertise when you’re implementing a new CRM system or changes to a current one.