Buy CRM services

Buy CRM services

What you want, when you want it.

Pre-bought CRM packages allow you to quickly call on us for both ad hoc updates and for working on larger CRM projects – cutting administration and getting help faster.

Getting things done, the easy way

To simplify your procurement and make it easier to get what you want, we offer flexible pre-bought packages of time. Choose your package and call off services when needed – any time within 12 months of purchase.


1 hour of CRM expertise | £100 ex VAT

This is ideal for when support requirements are low, or at the outset of a relationship with CRM Knowledge. It can be a great way to prepay for consulting or briefing on a specific topic, or to help out with a niggling task.



10 hours of CRM expertise | £900 ex VAT

For organisations with a low but regular need for CRM support, training and help, our 10-hour package provides a great way of prepaying for time to can be called off as needed. This is often a good option for smaller businesses.



20 hours of CRM expertise | £1600 ex VAT

For organisations who need more active CRM support, training and help – or who are working through moderate changes to their systems – our 20-hour package can be ideal.



30 hours of CRM expertise | £2100 ex VAT

When a higher level of support or training is needed, or when a larger project is in the pipeline, then our 30-hour package ensures that we’re pre-booked and ready to help.



40 hours of CRM expertise | £2400 ex VAT

For organisations with a high commitment to CRM – either for a specific project, or because the system supports a large number of people – our 40-hour package provides time that can be called off easily for training, help and support.