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A Sneak Peek at D365 Customer Service Features for 2024

A Sneak Peek at D365 Customer Service Features for 2024

In our latest blog, we unveil a wave of groundbreaking features designed to revolutionize how businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences. From enhanced outbound dialing experiences to achieving FedRAMP certification for heightened security, each feature offers a unique opportunity to streamline workflows and elevate service standards. Whether you're seeking early access previews or exploring functionalities in public release, our comprehensive guide provides insights into the latest advancements tailored to meet the evolving needs of customer service teams. Join us as we delve into the details of each feature, showcasing their key highlights and benefits for organisations.

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in customer service! Today, we're excited to unveil a wave of groundbreaking features set to transform how businesses deliver exceptional customer service experiences.

From early access previews to public releases and general availability updates, the latest enhancements offer a diverse range of functionalities tailored to meet the evolving needs of customer service teams. Whether you're seeking to optimise outbound dialing experiences, achieve FedRAMP certification for enhanced security, or streamline agent workflows with advanced skill-based routing, there's something for every organisation in this new wave release.

Enhanced Dialing Experience 

This feature is now available out of the box! With this feature, agents can now effortlessly connect with customers while enjoying enhanced functionalities that optimise their workflow.

Key Features:

·        Number Typing and Editing

·        Number Formatting

·        Number Country/Region Detection

·        Recent Calls List

·        Select Outbound Numbers

·        Auto Focus on Number Input


Explore Enhancements to Outbound Dialing 

This feature is now available for early access! Forget about manually searching for customer contacts or accounts before placing a call. Agents can now streamline their outbound calling process and enhance productivity.

Key Features:

·        Effortless Call Placement

·        Default Outbound Profiles

·        Instant Access to Records


Get FedRAMP Certified for New Features 

Now available for early access, this enhancement ensures that the platform remains at the forefront of security and compliance standards.

Key Highlights:

·        FedRAMP Certification

·        Enhanced Compliance

·        Access to New Features


Improvements to the Outbound Dialing Experience 

This feature is now available for general availability. This feature revolutionises how agents interact with customers over the phone, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Key Highlights:

·        Streamlined Dialer Experience: The enhanced dialer offers intuitive features like number typing and editing, making it easier for agents to enter and modify phone numbers.

·        Efficient Call Management: With the recent calls list, agents can quickly access and dial previously contacted numbers.

·        Automated Outbound Profile Selection: The dialer intelligently populates outbound profiles based on the country code, ensuring that agents use the appropriate numbers for each call.

·        Customised Calling Preferences: Agents can select supported countries/regions to call.

·        Seamless Integration: The dialer integrates with other Dynamics 365 Customer Service features, providing a unified platform for managing customer interactions across channels.


Use Skills to Find Agents for Consult, Transfer Scenarios 

This new feature in Dynamics 365 Customer Service is now available for early access. This feature is going to allow organisations to deliver a faster service to their customers by searching for agents based on their skills, ensuring they consult with or transfer calls to the correct agent.

Key Highlights:

·        Skills-Based Agent Search: Agents can now search for other agents based on specific skills such as language proficiency, product knowledge, and expertise level.

·        Recommendation System: The system intelligently recommends agents who match the required skills, making it easier for agents to identify the best resource for consultation or call transfer. Agents can view details such as the agent's name, presence status, and level of skill match.

·        Seamless Consultation Process: Agents can initiate consultations with recommended agents directly from the conversation interface. After consulting with the selected agent, there is the option for a warm transfer.

·        Enhanced User Interface: The UI for skills-based consult and transfer is modern and user-friendly, providing a seamless experience for agents. The distinct design ensures easy differentiation from standard consult and transfer controls.


Filter the Copilot Content Based on Entity Attributes 

This new capability now available for public preview in Dynamics 365 Customer Service, automatically filters Copilot content based on attributes from entities such as customer profiles.

Key Highlights:

·        Automated Content Filtering: With this feature, Copilot automatically filters content based on specific attributes from configured entities, eliminating the need for agents to manually select filters.

·        Configuration Flexibility: Administrators can configure the entity and field for automatic filtering in the advanced settings. This flexibility allows organisations to customise the filtering logic according to their specific business requirements. For example, attributes like customer location can be mapped to corresponding fields in the knowledge base entity to ensure that only relevant content is surfaced to agents.

·        Transparent Notification: When Copilot applies a new filter based on entity attributes, agents are promptly notified. This transparent notification ensures that agents are aware of the filter being applied automatically.

·        Enhanced User Experience: By reducing the commingling of content from different sources and simplifying the filtering process, this feature enhances the overall user experience for agents.


Use Overflow for Lengthy Wait Times for Work Items

This feature, now available for public preview in Dynamics 365 Customer Service enhances queue management by automatically handling work items that exceed wait time limits, ensuring timely resolution of customer queries and improving overall service efficiency.

Key Highlights:

·        Efficient Queue Management: During periods of high customer query volumes, it's crucial to ensure that no customer request goes unanswered. With overflow handling for work items, administrators can set clear and reasonable wait time limits for work items in queues.

·        Automated Contingency Planning: When work items exceed the defined wait time limit, administrators can define contingency plans such as automatically transferring them to another queue with more available agents.

·        Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: By implementing overflow handling, organizations can significantly improve customer satisfaction levels. Customers who have been waiting for extended periods receive timely assistance.

·        Administrative Flexibility: Administrators have the flexibility to customise overflow settings according to their specific business requirements. This includes defining wait time limits and specifying contingency plans.

In conclusion from streamlining outbound dialing processes to leveraging advanced skill-based routing, each feature brings unique benefits that allow organisations to deliver exceptional service.

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