Microsoft's D365 Sales Features for 2024

Microsoft's D365 Sales Features for 2024

the latest features set to revolutionise sales processes. From enhanced opportunity analysis and seamless opportunity closure to personalized customer engagements and AI-driven insights, discover how these advancements can elevate your sales strategy and drive business growth. Whether you're seeking to optimise your pipeline management, streamline workflow efficiency, or gain valuable real-time insights, our in-depth analysis provides valuable insights into the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of your CRM system by staying informed about the latest features and updates.

Welcome, to an exciting glimpse into the future of Microsoft's D365 Sales offerings for 2024. We're excited to show you a host of innovative features designed to revolutionise how businesses analyse opportunities, streamline sales processes, and elevate customer engagements. With this wave release plan, Microsoft is bringing cutting-edge tools and functionalities to empower users.

From early access to public previews, and general availability, users will have the opportunity to dive into these advancements starting February 2024, well ahead of official launches later in the year. Whether you're seeking to enhance sales performance, gain real-time insights, or personalise customer interactions, Microsoft's latest offerings have something in store for everyone.

 Analyse opportunities better by grouping them and aggregating their values

In the world of sales, staying ahead means having a clear understanding of your opportunities and their potential value. With the latest update to Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft brings forth a game-changing feature that empowers sellers like never before: the ability to analyse opportunities better by grouping them and aggregating their values.

With early access already available you will now have the power to segment your opportunity pipeline dynamically based on crucial factors such as account name, seller name, or closing date/month. This enhanced pipeline view not only provides clarity but also enables you to tailor your approach to each opportunity with precision.

Dynamics 365 Sales goes a step further by facilitating the aggregation of numeric values within your pipeline. Now, you can effortlessly assess the total estimated revenue within specific grouped segments, giving you invaluable insights into the financial potential of your opportunities.

Close opportunities effortlessly by prepopulating attributes

Efficiency in opportunity management is crucial for sales success, and Dynamics 365 Sales is here to enhance your workflow with its latest feature now available for general availability.

When it’s time to close an opportunity, whether it’s a win or a loss, you want the process to be smooth and hassle-free. With this enhancement, manual data entry becomes a thing of the past. The Opportunity close form is intelligently prepopulated with relevant opportunity attributes, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Administrators have the power to map attributes in the Opportunity close form with columns in the Opportunity table, ensuring that information is filled in correctly every time. For sellers, this means seeing the Opportunity close form automatically populated with corresponding opportunity record details, making the closure process effortless and error-free.

Customise lead qualification process for a seamless experience

Let’s explore how this feature enables sales professionals to tailor lead evaluation precisely to their organisation's needs, ensuring a seamless and swift experience.

In Dynamics 365 Sales, streamlining lead qualification means more than just saving time; it means aligning the process with your unique sales criteria. With agile configuration options, you can eliminate unnecessary interactions and ensure that each lead is evaluated promptly and accurately.

One of the standout features of this enhancement is the Copilot lead summaries, providing clear and concise overviews to aid decision-making. With the ability to create multiple opportunities from a single lead, you can maximize sales potential and foster collaboration among team members. Plus, with fields prepopulated in generated opportunities, redundant data entry becomes a thing of the past, allowing you to focus on high-value sales activities.

Administrators have the power to configure the lead qualification process, ensuring thorough evaluation, while sellers can leverage AI-generated lead summaries and assign opportunities with ease. This level of customisation empowers sales teams to work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately driving success.

Boost your sales with product content recommendations

Having access to the right information at the right time can make all the difference when it comes to sales. With Dynamics 365 Sales' latest feature, now available for public preview and set for general availability in April, sales professionals can boost their productivity and effectiveness through personalised product content recommendations.

Gone are the days of scrambling to find the relevant product information for your meetings. With this feature, you're presented with the most pertinent documents seamlessly integrated into your workflow. This not only enhances your meeting preparations but also saves valuable time, allowing you to focus on building deeper connections with your customers.

Administrators have the flexibility to configure any knowledge source to retrieve product-specific content, ensuring that sellers have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information. Sellers, in turn, can leverage Copilot prompts for easy retrieval of product-specific content directly within Dynamics 365 Sales.

Get real-time insights with Copilot on the home page

Staying ahead requires more than just keeping up with trends; it demands real-time insights and seamless collaboration. With the latest early access feature, Copilot on the home page, sales professionals gain a powerful tool for achieving excellence.

Imagine having access to real-time insights and effortless natural language chat functionality right at your fingertips. With Copilot integrated into the Dynamics 365 Sales home experience, managing sales activities, nurturing customer relationships, and driving sales success becomes more efficient than ever before.

The immersive interface offers an expanded workspace, allowing you to focus on productive conversations with Copilot. Seamlessly access insights from various records, prioritise actions intelligently, and stay on top of changes across different entities.

With natural language chat powered by AI, Copilot provides deeper insights and quick access to customer details, deal information, meeting schedules, and more. This innovative solution takes sales management to a new level, enabling sellers to excel in their roles and drive revenue growth.

As a seller, you can now access Copilot directly from your home page, ensuring you're always informed and prepared for upcoming meetings, follow-up activities, and changes in your sales pipeline. Plus, with the immersive widescreen experience, chatting with Copilot becomes even more intuitive and efficient.

Use Copilot to get answers from your sales documents

Finding quick answers to questions buried within stacks of sales documents can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Dynamics 365 Sales introduces a new feature, now available for public preview, that promises to revolutionise your workflow.

Imagine harnessing the power of AI to retrieve instant answers based on information stored in your SharePoint documents, simply by chatting with Copilot within Dynamics 365 Sales. This innovative CRM feature is designed to boost productivity, streamline decision-making, and enhance customer interactions.

By leveraging Copilot's AI capabilities, sellers can access relevant sales information swiftly, reducing response times and enabling quicker decision-making. Administrators have the flexibility to configure the sources that Copilot uses for fetching and summarising sales information, ensuring that sellers have access to the most pertinent data at their fingertips.

With streamlined access to critical information, sales professionals can engage clients more effectively, leading to increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and ultimately, higher revenue generation for your business.

Elevate your customer engagements with AI-recommended content

Having access to the right content can be a game-changer in fostering meaningful customer engagements. That's why Dynamics 365 Sales introduces this new feature, now available for public preview, designed to elevate your customer interactions.

Sales teams are inundated with a plethora of resources, from documents to blogs, each tailored to enhance customer conversations and drive deals forward. However, the challenge lies in quickly identifying the most relevant content for each customer interaction. This is where generative AI steps in, revolutionising the recommendation process by surfacing the most appropriate content based on context.

With AI-recommended content, sellers can streamline their workflow, saving time and effort while ensuring they have the right materials at their fingertips. Whether it's during sales meetings or calls, sellers can effortlessly access recommended content, share it with customers, and drive impactful conversations.

This innovative feature enables sellers to choose the right content seamlessly, enhancing collaboration with customers and influencing ongoing deals. With the ability to receive content recommendations based on engagement context and quickly search using natural language, sellers can focus on what truly matters: building relationships and driving revenue.

Experience Copilot in an immersive widescreen mode

Experience a new dimension of productivity with Copilot's widescreen mode, now available for public preview in Dynamics 365 Sales. With the Copilot home experience, sellers gain access to a powerful tool designed to achieve sales excellence like never before.

Picture a workspace where real-time insights and effortless natural language chat functionality converge to empower sellers in managing sales activities, nurturing customer relationships, and driving sales success. This immersive interface offers an expanded workspace, enhancing the focus on productive conversations with Copilot.

In Copilot's widescreen mode, sellers can seamlessly access insights from various records, enabling them to prioritize actions intelligently and stay on top of key changes in opportunities and leads. The natural language chat with AI-powered Copilot facilitates deeper insights and quick access to customer details, deal information, meeting schedules, and more.

With Copilot's widescreen mode, sellers can:

·        Engage in natural language chat with Copilot in an immersive widescreen experience.

·        Receive real-time insights across different entities, ensuring they're always informed.

·        Stay updated on follow-up activities from emails and prepare for upcoming meetings with ease.

·        Be aware of key changes in their opportunities and leads, empowering them to make informed decisions.

·        Access summaries of their opportunities and leads, streamlining their workflow and enhancing productivity.


Know your account better with AI-generated account summary

Managing multiple accounts simultaneously can be a daunting task. With Dynamics 365 Sales' latest public preview feature, sellers can now gain deeper insights into their accounts with AI-generated account summaries.

Imagine having access to a consolidated summary of vital customer data at your fingertips. From buying behaviour to associated opportunities, leads, and the latest news about an account, the account summary feature provides sellers with a comprehensive overview, eliminating the need for excessive time spent sifting through scattered information.

With AI-generated account summaries, sellers can prioritise their work effectively and engage with customers in a more personalized and targeted manner. Whether it's understanding key information, reviewing associated opportunities and leads, or staying updated on the latest news, sellers can access the insights they need to drive meaningful customer interactions and ultimately, drive sales success.

Guide sellers to work simultaneously using multiple sequences

Collaboration, when it comes to sales, is key to success. Dynamics 365 Sales introduces an early access feature designed to guide sellers in working simultaneously using multiple sequences, revolutionising collaborative sales efforts.

Imagine working with other sellers on the same account or opportunity, each following a different yet coordinated set of actions to win a deal. With this enhancement, you can assign different sequences to different sellers for a particular record simultaneously, empowering multiple team members to work together seamlessly.

For example, you can assign one sequence to an account executive and another to a solution architect, both working on a target account simultaneously. Sales team members can attach sequences to a record even if they're not the owner of that record, enabling efficient collaboration across the board.

With this feature, sales managers and operations teams can assign multiple sellers to work on different sequences for a particular record, ensuring streamlined collaboration and maximizing the chances of winning a deal. Sellers can easily view team members using sequences on a record, attach additional sequences, and access details of sequences, including lists of completed and upcoming activities.

Plan and perform assigned tasks with preview of sequence steps

As a sales professional, the Up next widget serves as a guide through the steps of sequence workflows, ensuring a smooth journey towards the successful conclusion of sales processes. With the expansion of sequence categories to include multiple sequences, the revamped Up next widget offers enhanced flexibility, allowing multiple team members to work on a record simultaneously.

The new Up next widget provides a preview of all sequence steps associated with a record, whether it's a single sequence or multiple sequences. This empowers you to plan and execute tasks effectively, ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience across all sales activities.

With this capability, you can:

·        Get a preview of all sequence steps for both single and multiple sequences associated with a record.

·        Have a consistent experience to associate and execute manual activities for single and multiple sequences.

Work uninterrupted in focused mode with usage preference for all entities

The Focus View feature in Dynamics 365 Sales has been met with enthusiastic adoption and positive feedback from users. Building on this success, the latest public preview feature addresses a common request from users: the ability to set Focus View as their default landing page based on their usage preference.

Imagine seamlessly transitioning into Focus View every time you sign in to the application, maintaining continuity in your workflow without the need to switch from the grid view. With this enhancement, users can set Focus View as the default for all relevant entities, ensuring uninterrupted work in a focused mode.

As a seller, you can:

·        Set Focus View as the default for all relevant entities when signing in to the application.

·        Access Focus View conveniently within the "Show As" button, alongside other views like Kanban or List view.

Administrators also have the power to:

·        Use an admin setting to decide the entities for which Focus View should be available.

·        Make Focus View the default landing page for any out-of-the-box or custom entity.


In conclusion, Microsoft's wave release plan for 2024 brings a wave of excitement and innovation to Dynamics 365 Sales, empowering businesses to achieve new heights of success. From early access features to public preview releases and general availability updates, users have the opportunity to explore a plethora of cutting-edge tools and functionalities designed to streamline sales processes, elevate customer engagements, and drive sales excellence.

As you embark on your journey with these transformative features, we invite you to stay informed and engaged with the latest updates. As a valued service subscriber, you can receive regular feature updates delivered straight to your inbox through our newsletter. Additionally, gain deeper insights and expert guidance by joining our live or pre-recorded webinars, where you can delve into the features that matter most to you and your business.

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