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Small Business, Big Impact: PowerPack and Ongoing Support

Small Business, Big Impact: PowerPack and Ongoing Support

Explore our exclusive partnership with PowerPack, a game-changing CRM solution. In this blog, we take you behind the scenes to reveal how we've been learning the system and why we're convinced it's the perfect fit for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Discover how this partnership enhances CRM management and ongoing support to elevate SMBs to new heights. Join us on this journey towards CRM excellence and business growth.

At CRM Knowledge, we are excited to introduce our exclusive partnership with the innovative product, PowerPack from Click Dimensions. This cutting-edge solution combines the three most critical components of sales and marketing automation—Marketing Automation, CRM, and Sales Engagement into a single, integrated platform. PowerPack is tailored to make the entire process faster, more accessible, and efficient, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

At CRM Knowledge, our focus primarily on SMBs has given us a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that smaller businesses encounter. We recognise that SMBs require solutions that are not just powerful but also practical and cost-effective.

PowerPack, as a product designed with SMBs in mind, perfectly aligns with our expertise. We understand the importance of efficient and streamlined operations, especially for businesses with limited resources. Our partnership with PowerPack allows us to offer a solution that caters to the specific needs of SMBs, ensuring that they can compete effectively in the market.

Streamlined CRM Management for SMBs

One of the core strengths of PowerPack is its ability to streamline CRM management, making it especially valuable for SMBs. Here's a closer look at how PowerPack simplifies CRM management for small and medium-sized businesses:

Efficient Contact Management

PowerPack empowers you to efficiently manage your contacts, including buying groups. This feature is vital for SMBs as it enables a deeper understanding of customer relationships and helps identify potential sales opportunities.

Accelerated Pipeline Growth

Effective CRM management is at the heart of any successful sales strategy. PowerPack equips you to manage accounts and opportunities efficiently, enabling you to grow your pipeline and revenue more rapidly.

Collaboration Between Marketing and Sales Teams

We are particularly excited to witness the collaboration between marketing and sales teams that PowerPack enables. The alignment of these two essential departments is a crucial aspect of PowerPack's streamlined CRM management. This collaboration ensures that both teams work together seamlessly, eliminating common pain points and enhancing overall business performance.

User-Friendly Interface

PowerPack's user-friendly interface is designed for businesses of all sizes, but especially beneficial for SMBs, ensuring that your team can adapt and use the CRM effectively without a steep learning curve.

In essence, PowerPack's streamlined CRM management functionality is a game-changer for businesses. It simplifies the process of managing contacts, accounts, and opportunities, enabling these businesses to compete more effectively in the market. CRM Knowledge's expertise in working with SMBs ensures that this solution is perfectly aligned with your business goals and resource constraints.

Our specialisation in working with SMBs positions us to offer unique support services that cater to the specific needs of smaller businesses. We understand that ongoing support services are not just a luxury but a critical component of SMBs' long-term success. They maximise ROI by ensuring that CRM investments deliver substantial returns and provide rapid issue resolution to minimise downtime. Ongoing support services also keep businesses updated with industry trends, tailor solutions to unique needs, align marketing and sales efforts, reduce IT dependency, and facilitate long-term planning. With CRM Knowledge and PowerPack, you're partnering with experts who are committed to your business's long-term success, providing ongoing support to drive your success year after year.

To ensure that your SMB continues to thrive with PowerPack, we offer a subscription-based ongoing support service. Our subscription plan covers 10 hours of support per month. We require a minimum 12-month subscription commitment, allowing us to provide consistent and long-term support to optimise your CRM solution for your unique needs. This subscription model ensures that you have access to expert support whenever you need it, enabling you to get the most out of PowerPack and stay ahead in a competitive market.


1. Collaborative Strategy Sessions

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams with collaborative strategy sessions. Our experts facilitate these meetings, encouraging both teams to work together seamlessly. This collaboration ensures that your CRM is fully aligned with your business objectives.

2. Monthly Training

Our training sessions are a crucial part of your ongoing success. They are available monthly in a modular style, which allows your team to stay updated on the latest strategies and features. We offer both live sessions and recorded content for flexibility.

3. Health Check

To ensure the ongoing health of your CRM system, we conduct monthly health checks. Our experts examine the app and system, identifying any potential issues and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

4. Configuration Changes

Business needs evolve, and your CRM should evolve with them. Our team is ready to make configuration changes as needed to match your changing requirements.

5. Monthly Tips and Tricks

Stay informed and make the most of your CRM with our handy monthly newsletter. It features tips and tricks that help your team leverage PowerPack's full potential.

6. Process Mapping

We help you map out efficient processes within your CRM, ensuring a streamlined workflow that aligns with your business goals.

7. Email Optimisation

Successful email marketing is critical. We provide support on reducing unsubscribes, minimising bounces, and improving engagement through A/B testing and optimisation.

8. Segmentation and Marketing Lists

Effective targeting is essential for marketing success. We offer expert advice on segmentation, subscription lists, and marketing lists, helping you reach the right audience with the right message.

9. Data Management Automation

Maintaining a clean and efficient CRM is vital for success. We assist you in implementing data management automation best practices that keep your system in peak condition.

10. Yearly Recap

Our annual review is a comprehensive summary of your CRM's performance and achievements over the past year. It also sets goals and objectives for the upcoming year, ensuring your CRM continues to drive your business's growth.


With CRM Knowledge and PowerPack, you're not just getting a product; you're gaining a dedicated partner committed to your long-term success. We ensure that your CRM solution evolves with your business, keeps your teams aligned, and continues to drive your success year after year.

If you're ready to elevate your CRM experience, unlock the full potential of your customer relationships with PowerPack, and have ongoing support that ensures your business's growth, get in touch with us today.



Peter Clements

Peter is the founder and chief consultant at CRM Knowledge. With an impressive background spanning over 20 years, Peter has established himself as a leading expert in CRM systems, particularly specialising in Microsoft Dynamics 365.Throughout his career, Peter has been dedicated to providing great support, training, and consulting services in the realm of CRM. His in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with D365 have made him a trusted advisor for countless businesses seeking to optimise their customer relationship management processes.