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Stay Ahead with D365 Release Wave 2 Updates

Stay Ahead with D365 Release Wave 2 Updates

Dive into the world of Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2 updates, where we uncover hidden treasures and provide a glimpse into the future. Discover features you've yet to explore and get ready to be inspired for what's to come. Your CRM journey starts here – unlock the full potential of Dynamics 365 with us!

Welcome, Dynamics 365 enthusiasts! Today, we're here to take you on a thrilling journey through the latest and greatest that Microsoft's Dynamics 365 has to offer.

As we dive into the world of CRM, we're on a mission to not only showcase the features you may not know about but also stoke the flames of anticipation for what's coming next. Microsoft is continuously innovating, and these developments are set to elevate your marketing, sales, and customer service experiences to new heights.

From designing marketing materials that seamlessly match your brand to streamlining your sales efforts with AI magic, and enhancing your customer service support with time-saving features, Dynamics 365 is ready to transform the way you work.

Let's start unravelling the magic of Dynamics 365 and get you excited about the current and upcoming features that are about to revolutionise your CRM experience.

Available Now For Marketing: Style Forms and Event Registration Pages Effortlessly

Microsoft's latest wave 2 updates for Dynamics 365 Marketing bring an exciting feature that streamlines your marketing efforts: Style Forms and Event Registration Pages. The beauty of this feature lies in its ability to align your forms and registration pages perfectly with your website's branding, all in just a few clicks.

How It Works:

Imagine having the power to build forms and event registration pages that seamlessly match your website and brand guidelines within minutes. Dynamics 365 Marketing introduces Copilot, a smart tool that interprets your website's design and applies the same styles to your marketing assets. Copilot seamlessly replicates label fonts, input field styles, colours, and buttons from your website.

Steps to Apply Your Website's Styles:

  1. Add your website's URL to Dynamics 365 Marketing.
  2. Instantly receive design elements such as fonts, font sizes, and colour palettes from your website.
  3. Apply these elements to your forms and event registration pages.

Not only does this save you valuable time in the design process, but it also ensures your marketing materials are perfectly in line with your brand guidelines. You can further fine-tune and adjust elements to match specific campaign requirements.

Coming Soon For Sales: Easier Journey Creation with Copilot

As we look ahead, Dynamics 365 Marketing is set to make marketing journey creation even more accessible and efficient with an upcoming feature. With Copilot's generative AI, creating customer journeys will be a breeze, even for those who have never done it before.

What to Expect:

Simply describe, in everyday words, the journey you want to create, and let Copilot handle the technicalities of building the journey for you. This empowers you to do more with less – instead of spending time figuring out the mechanics of the journey, you can focus on delivering the most personalized experiences for your customers.

By collaborating with your entire team and quickly gaining stakeholder alignment, you can bring your customer experience ideas to market in record time. Combining the journey creator with the content ideas from the Copilot assistant for email creation, Dynamics 365 Marketing will help you efficiently turn your vision into reality.

Keep your eyes open for this upcoming feature, as it promises to be a game-changer in marketing journey creation. Dynamics 365 Marketing continues to evolve to meet your needs and simplify your marketing efforts.

Available Now For Sales: AI-Generated Opportunity Summaries

Sales teams often face the challenge of sifting through a vast amount of data to gather information about new leads. This can be time-consuming and sometimes leaves sellers uncertain about the source of these leads and their existing relationships with potential customers. However, Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Sales offers a solution that enhances your sales process.

Key Features:

With this current feature, enriched data from various sources is harnessed to provide AI-powered lead summaries. This tool offers a quick and comprehensive overview of your leads, significantly reducing the time and effort spent gathering this critical information. These enhancements ensure that your sales teams can focus on the most promising leads, increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

With this update, you can:

  • Access an AI-powered summary of a lead.
  • Identify if the lead is associated with any existing contacts or accounts within the CRM.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news about the associated account.
  • Easily find LinkedIn profiles of your prospects.

This feature empowers your sales team to engage with leads in a more personalized and effective way, increasing your chances of closing deals.

Coming Soon For Sales: Elevate Customer Engagements with AI-Recommended Content

In the ever-evolving sales landscape, access to relevant and impactful content is crucial for successful customer engagements. Sales teams rely on various resources, including documents, blogs, and articles, to deliver the right information to potential customers. To enhance this process, an upcoming feature in Dynamics 365 Sales will employ generative AI to recommend the most suitable content for each engagement.

What to Expect:

This feature will not only surface the right content based on the context of the sales interaction but will also customise and summarise it for easy consumption and sharing by sellers. This will save your sales team valuable time and effort, allowing them to stay focused on customer collaboration.

With this upcoming feature, you'll be able to:

  • Receive content recommendations tailored to the specific engagement context.
  • Easily search for content using natural language.

The ability to get content recommendations during calls and share them with customers will undoubtedly enhance your sales team's effectiveness.

Available Now For Customer Service: "What You've Missed" - Streamline Your Record Management

In the world of customer service, staying on top of records is essential to ensure prompt and efficient support. Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers a remarkable feature known as "What You've Missed" in the timeline, designed to help users quickly identify and access records they haven't viewed yet.

Key Features:

This feature serves as a productivity booster by allowing users to prioritize and efficiently navigate through records that they have not yet opened. "What You've Missed" assists users in staying well-informed and up-to-date by providing an easy way to access records they need to catch up on, while swiftly scrolling past anything that isn't an immediate priority.

With this feature, your customer service team can:

  • Quickly view records they haven't opened or reviewed.
  • Prioritise their workload based on the records that require attention.
  • Efficiently address activities that need catching up.

The "What You've Missed" feature in the timeline is a valuable tool for keeping your support operations running smoothly and effectively.

Coming Soon: Enhance Your Email Attachment Experience

Email communication is a critical part of customer service, and Dynamics 365 Customer Service is set to enhance this aspect further with an upcoming feature: the Enhanced Attachment Experience.

Key Capabilities:

This new feature will empower agents to manage email attachments with ease. They will be able to drag and drop attachments directly into emails, a simple but highly time-saving action. Additionally, agents can copy attachments from one email to another, which is especially useful for reusing attachments from older emails.

The enhanced email attachment experience will offer a more user-friendly interface, enabling bulk actions to be performed seamlessly. Attachment sizes will be displayed in the most appropriate units, and agents will have the flexibility to toggle between tile and grid views for added convenience.

With this feature, your customer service team will gain:

  • The ability to add attachments through a simple drag-and-drop process.
  • Efficient attachment management, including copying from one email to another.
  • Bulk actions for downloading and deleting attachments.
  • Clear display of attachment sizes in the right units.
  • Flexible viewing options with the choice of tile or grid views.

The enhanced email attachment experience promises to be a time-saving and productivity-boosting addition to your customer service toolkit.

These customer service features in Dynamics 365 will undoubtedly help your support teams deliver efficient and effective assistance to your customers. Stay tuned for more updates on how to enhance your customer service operations.

If you're looking for training, guidance, or simply want to stay updated on the latest Dynamics 365 developments, don't hesitate to reach out. We're your partners on this CRM journey, and we're committed to helping you make the most of your Dynamics 365 experience. Contact us today for more information, training opportunities, or any clarifications you may need.

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