What's New with D365 Customer Service?

What's New with D365 Customer Service?

Service in our latest blog. From unified routing in your inbox to enhanced email attachment experiences, Copilot advancements, multilingual support, and default real-time analytics, this blog unveils the game-changers that empower your customer service operations. As we conclude our January mini-series, discover how staying informed is key to mastering these innovations. Explore more with our expert-led webinars, included in our subscription plans. Elevate your service game—read on to revolutionize your Dynamics 365 experience.

Welcome back to the concluding chapter of our January mini-series, "Beyond the Basics," where we unravel the hidden gems within Dynamics 365 that are ready to elevate your customer service game.

This week, we shine a spotlight on the latest Customer Service features that might have slipped under the radar but are ready to transform your customer service strategies. From streamlined communications to enhanced case management, Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers you to deliver unparalleled support and satisfaction to your customers.

Show Records Enabled for Unified Routing in Inbox 

In the world of customer service, efficiency is vital. Dynamics 365 Customer Service introduces a new feature—Show Records Enabled for Unified Routing in Inbox—that empowers your agents to elevate their productivity and streamline work management directly from the inbox.

Administrators will have the flexibility to configure inbox views tailored to specific records enabled for routing—whether it's a lead, appointment, or task.

Key Features:

·        Unified View: The inbox seamlessly integrates records enabled for routing with cases, emails, voicemails, asynchronous chats, live chats, and voice calls. A unified, comprehensive view for agents to manage their workload more efficiently.

·        Enhanced Productivity: Agents can now navigate and prioritise their tasks effortlessly, responding to customer needs with agility. This feature is a game-changer, ensuring that agents have the right tools at their fingertips to deliver exceptional service.


Use the Attached Enhancement Experience in Emails

Time is of the essence with regards to customer service and D365 now introduces an enhanced attachment experience in emails, empowering agents to streamline their workflows and boost productivity.

Key Features:

·        Effortless Attachment Management: Agents can now drag and drop attachments directly into emails, simplifying the process and saving valuable time. The enhanced attachment experience ensures a seamless and intuitive workflow.

·        Copy Attachments with Ease: Reusing attachments becomes a breeze with the ability to copy them from one email to another. Agents can efficiently leverage existing resources, promoting consistency in communication.

·        Bulk Actions Made Simple: Perform bulk actions such as downloading or deleting attachments effortlessly. This feature enhances the overall efficiency of managing attachments, especially when dealing with multiple emails.

·        Intuitive Attachment Size Display: The enhanced experience includes a clear display of attachment sizes in the most appropriate units. This ensures that agents have a precise understanding of the data they are handling.

·        Toggle Views for Flexibility: Choose between tile and grid views, providing agents with the flexibility to customise their attachment management interface based on personal preferences and the nature of the task at hand.


Copilot case and conversation summary default on 

D365 Customer Service has introduced this new feature to further improve your efficiency. Copilot case and conversation summary, set to default. This enhancement is designed to facilitate faster ramp-ups, seamless transfers, and swift wrap-ups, ultimately leading to accelerated case resolution times.

Important Note: To enjoy default Copilot activation, organisations need to meet specific criteria, including the availability of Azure OpenAI in the region and the use of out-of-the-box case forms and the Customer Service Workspace app with digital messaging and/or voice for conversation summaries.

Key Features:

·        Default Copilot Activation: Organisations meeting specific criteria will have the Copilot case and conversation summary capabilities enabled by default. This strategic implementation ensures that agents can immediately leverage these advanced features.

·        Faster Onboarding and Transfers: With Copilot active by default, new agents experience quicker ramp-ups, while the seamless transfer of cases becomes more efficient. This results in a reduction of onboarding time and enhances overall team collaboration.

·        Efficient Wrap-Ups: Copilot contributes to streamlined wrap-up processes, allowing agents to conclude interactions with speed and accuracy. This not only enhances individual productivity but also positively impacts the overall customer service experience.


Enhanced Knowledge Base for CoPilot Features 

Knowledge is power when it comes to customer service and with the new enhanced knowledge base for Copilot features, companies could begin to witness a significant boost in experiences for customers due to the question and answer email assist capabilities.

Feature Highlights:

·        Enterprise-Scale Knowledge Base: Copilot now seamlessly processes knowledge base articles without a 100,000 limit, catering to the needs of large enterprises.

·        Real-time Content Updates: Experience a drastic reduction in processing time for new or updated knowledge articles, ensuring that Copilot stays abreast of the latest information within 15 minutes.

·        Table Format Support: Copilot now supports querying content in tables format within knowledge articles, enhancing the diversity of information that can be accessed.

·        Hyperlink Display: Hyperlinks captured in the source knowledge articles' content are now displayed, providing a more comprehensive and accessible knowledge base.


Support Copilot features in additional languages, regions 

Copilot features are now available in an array of languages and regions, marking a significant leap in accessibility and usability for customer service agents worldwide.

Key Features:

·        Expanded Language Support: Copilot is no longer confined to English, offering seamless support for multiple languages, including Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

·        Global Availability: Copilot features, such as 'Ask a Question,' 'Write an Email,' 'Case Summaries,' and 'Conversation Summaries,' are now generally available globally.

·        Geographic Reach: This feature spans across Microsoft Azure geographic areas, encompassing regions in Germany, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, United Kingdom, Australia, South America, Canada, India, and Japan.


Real Time Analytics Enabled by Default 

Empowering supervisors for swift decision-making, real-time analytics is set to become a default feature for Omnichannel supervisors within the Customer Service Workspace site map.

Key Features:

·        Immediate Activation: Real-time analytics will now be activated by default for Omnichannel supervisors, eliminating the need for administrators to enable it separately.

·        Effortless Monitoring: Supervisors gain the capability to effortlessly monitor contact center operations with real-time insights, reducing dependency on administrators.

·        Provisioning Reports: Reports will be automatically provisioned when a user selects the item in the site map, streamlining the process for both existing and new organisations.

·        Adaptive Configuration: Organisations with previous feature deactivation won't be impacted, and administrators retain the flexibility to disable real-time analytics if needed.


In our journey through Beyond the Basics this January looking at  Dynamics 365's latest features, we've delved into powerful tools that can redefine how you engage with customers, manage workloads, and streamline your sales and service operations. From the efficiency boost provided by real-time analytics to the personalised touch of Copilot's case summaries, each feature is a stepping stone towards a more sophisticated and effective business strategy.

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