What's New with D365 Marketing?

What's New with D365 Marketing?

Embark on a journey of innovation and strategic insight as we unravel the intricacies of Dynamics 365 Marketing's latest enhancements in our comprehensive January mini-series. Delve into the transformative features released in December 2023, meticulously designed to elevate your marketing strategies. From the nuanced artistry of custom fonts to the precision of communication timing with quiet times, each feature has been crafted to enhance engagement, compliance, and customer experience.

Welcome to our January blog mini-series, where we embark on an exciting journey through the latest features released in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Over the course of the month, we'll delve into the advancements across various applications, providing you with insights into the cutting-edge capabilities that might have flown under your radar.

This week, our focus is on Marketing (Customer Insights, Journeys). We'll shine a spotlight on the features released in December 2023, offering you an exclusive sneak peek into functionalities that could enhance your marketing strategies.

Stay tuned as we navigate the dynamic landscape of Dynamics 365, exploring not just the Marketing App but also venturing into Sales, Co-Pilot, and Customer Service in the weeks to come.

Add styles to brand profiles and create reusable themes

In our exploration of the latest Dynamics 365 Marketing App features, our first stop brings us to an invaluable addition for brand custodians – the ability to infuse your brand profiles with style and create reusable themes.

Maintaining a seamless and recognisable brand identity is fundamental for crafting memorable customer experiences. However, the traditional process of translating brand guidelines into marketing collateral often involves tedious styling and formatting.

Now with Co-Pilot you can effortlessly craft branded themes for your content, instantly applying them to marketing emails, forms, and event registration pages. This feature streamlines the entire process, ensuring that your brand identity is consistently reflected across various touchpoints.


Key Feature Details:


·        Styles for Brand Profiles: Seamlessly integrate brand profiles with customisable styles, guaranteeing a uniform brand representation.


·        Website URL Integration: Fetch design elements like fonts, font sizes, and colour palettes directly from your website URL, simplifying the setup process.


·        Fine-Tuning Capabilities: Achieve precision by adjusting elements to align with your specific campaign or brand guidelines. Once perfected, save your theme for future use and effortlessly apply it to both new and existing content.


Personalise customer experiences using calculated metrics from Customer Insights

This integration not only allows you to leverage rich profile data but takes personalisation to the next level. Now, you can take customer measures from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to shape journeys and tailor content based on factors such as loyalty, lifetime value, and other calculated metrics.

Accessing and utilising customer measures in your marketing endeavors open up a realm of possibilities.

Unlocking this potential is easy. Leverage attributes from entities related to the customer profile entity in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to personalise marketing messages and define branch conditions in your customer journeys. You can now easily access customer measures like total revenue and loyalty points directly from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, eliminating the need to move data around.


Key Feature Details


·        Leverage Customer Attributes: Utilise attributes from entities linked to the customer profile entity in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for personalized marketing messages and tailored journey conditions.


·        Seamless Access to Customer Measures: Easily access customer measures such as total revenue and loyalty points directly from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights without the need to move data.


·        No-Code Personalisation: Within Dynamics 365 Marketing, effortlessly craft journey branches or content variants using the familiar no-code personalization experience. This empowers you to tailor customer experiences with precision, guided by insights derived from the calculated metrics.


Easily reference copies of sent emails in interaction timeline

Understanding your company's customer interactions is vital for elevating the overall customer experience. With this new capability, you can now delve into the precise content of sent emails, fostering a deeper understanding that enables the creation of more personalised and engaging customer experiences. The ability to review exact copies of sent emails contributes not only to visibility but also enhances compliance and auditing processes.This feature not only provides transparency into your communication history but also enables you to tailor future interactions based on the specifics of past email engagements.

This feature seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows. Now, you can view exact copies of emails sent in contact and lead timelines, giving you a comprehensive view of your communication history with each customer. What's more, it allows you to review the output generated by advanced personalisation features, such as conditional content, ensuring that your personalised communication strategies are resonating as intended.

Key Feature Details


·        Visibility into Email Copies: See exact copies of emails sent directly in contact and lead timelines, enhancing your visibility into customer interactions.


·        Advanced Personalisation Review: Delve into the output generated by advanced personalisation features like conditional content, empowering you to refine your personalised communication strategies.


·        Flexible Storage Options: Adjust the storage of archived emails to align with your business needs, ensuring a seamless integration of this feature into your existing processes.


Enhance email engagement by allowing browser viewing

Navigating the intricacies of various email providers and their distinct ways of rendering content can be a challenge. The consequence often includes missing or distorted content, messy layouts, and a suboptimal customer experience, particularly on mobile devices. The "View in browser" option in real-time marketing is the solution you've been waiting for, empowering your customers to see your emails exactly as you created them. By providing a direct link for recipients to view emails in their browsers, you mitigate the risk of rendering issues across different email providers, improving overall customer experience.

You can effortlessly add a "View in browser" link anywhere in your email, utilising any wording that suits your communication style. Whether it's on a desktop or a mobile device, the in-browser viewing ensures better rendering, overcoming limitations posed by various email providers.


Key Feature Details


·        Flexible Link Placement: Add a "View in browser" link anywhere within your email, offering recipients the option for an enhanced viewing experience.


·        Customisable Wording: Tailor the wording of the link to align with your brand voice and communication strategy.


·        Mobile Optimisation: Leverage in-browser viewing to ensure optimal rendering on mobile devices, enhancing the accessibility and readability of your email content.


·        Overcoming Rendering Limitations: By providing a direct browser view, you overcome rendering limitations imposed by different email providers, ensuring a consistent and effective presentation of your marketing content.


Capture responses from external, third-party forms

The ability to capture submissions from any third-party form on your website holds immense strategic value. By automatically creating new leads or contacts in Customer Insights – Journeys, you not only streamline your lead generation process but also gain a holistic understanding of your audience. This, in turn, enables more accurate targeting and effective follow-up strategies.

This feature simplifies the integration process, making it accessible and user-friendly. You can effortlessly capture form submissions from any external forms and use them to create new leads or contacts in Customer Insights – Journeys. The magic happens in the ease with which you can create JavaScript, mapping your form fields to existing entity attributes within Customer Insights. Embedding the capture script into multiple pages containing the same form becomes a straightforward task.


Key Feature Details


·        Capture External Form Submissions: Capture submissions from any external forms on your website and automatically create new leads or contacts in Customer Insights – Journeys.


·        JavaScript Customisation: Easily create JavaScript with mapping for your form fields to existing entity attributes, ensuring seamless data integration.


·        Embedding Flexibility: Embed the capture script into multiple pages containing the same form, providing flexibility in implementation.


Improve appeal and match brand identity with custom fonts

With the capability to choose custom fonts, you can now create emails that not only stand out but also align seamlessly with your brand identity. This feature goes beyond aesthetics; it enhances email accessibility, readability, and ensures content consistency across languages, devices, and browsers. By selecting fonts that align with your style and identity guidelines, you not only improve the visual appeal of your emails but also create a cohesive brand image that resonates with your audience.

This feature puts the creative control in your hands. From the toolbar, choose font family, size, colour, style, and alignment for your text. Customise each text element individually or apply the same settings across all elements for a consistent look. Whether you prefer web fonts, Google fonts, or custom fonts that you upload, the flexibility is yours.


Key Feature Details


·        Comprehensive Customisation: Tailor font family, size, color, style, and alignment for your text, providing granular control over the visual aspects of your emails.


·        Font Source Variety: Choose from a range of font sources, including web fonts, Google fonts, or your own custom fonts that you upload.


·        Account-wide Font Management: Add, remove, or edit custom fonts in the account settings. Create font presets to easily apply consistent styles to your text.


·        URL-based Font Integration: Easily add fonts using a URL, streamlining the process of incorporating new font styles into your email designs.


Improve communication timing by setting up quiet times

The quiet time settings feature offers you the ability to meticulously control when your messages are sent, enhancing engagement and aligning with customer expectations. This is not just about maximising engagement; it's about meeting compliance obligations and respecting your customers' preferences on when they want to be contacted. This feature is a proactive step towards respecting your customers' downtime, preventing messages from being delivered during nights, weekends, or holidays.

Tailor quiet times by channel – be it email, text message, push notifications, or custom channels. Vary quiet times based on commercial and transactional message types, allowing you to customise your approach for different communication needs. Importantly, quiet times align with the time zone of the journey, ensuring accuracy in message scheduling.

Key Features

·        Channel-Specific Quiet Times: Set quiet times by channel, enabling a granular approach to message delivery control.


·        Diversity in Message Types: Vary quiet times for different message types, distinguishing between commercial and transactional communications.


·        Alignment with Time Zones: Quiet times align with the time zone of the journey, ensuring accuracy and relevance in message scheduling.


·        Automated Compliance Checks: Messages are automatically checked against quiet time settings to ensure compliance and adherence to business rules.


·        Scheduled Delivery: Messages are held until the end of the quiet time, ensuring prompt delivery right after the quiet time concludes. During a defined quiet time, messages are stored and delivered seamlessly just after the quiet time ends.


As we wrap up our deep dive into the latest features of Dynamics 365 Marketing, it's evident that the December 2023 updates bring a wave of innovation to elevate your marketing strategies.

As we look ahead, mark your calendars for next week's blog where we'll reveal the latest features in the Dynamics 365 Sales app. Stay tuned for insights into how these enhancements can transform your sales processes.

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