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Fast Track Solutions

We can expedite implementation with our fast track solutions.

Explore our Fast Track Solutions, designed to swiftly deploy Dynamics 365 Sales or PowerPack from Click Dimensions with tailored configurations, rigorous testing, comprehensive training, and seamless go-live support in just 7 days.

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Fast Track Solutions

Rapidly deploying solutions for your business

At CRM Knowledge, we specialise in quick and efficient deployments of products such as D365 Sales and PowerPack from ClickDimensions. Our approach ensures minimal disruption and maximum effectiveness, empowering your team to harness CRM capabilities quickly and seamlessly.

Swift Implementation: Get Up and Running with D365 Sales in Just 7 Days

Experience rapid deployment with our Swift service. From scoping to go-live, we streamline Dynamics 365 Sales implementation to fit your business seamlessly. Our structured process ensures efficiency without compromising on customisation and quality.

PowerPack Implementation: Rapid Deployment with Click Dimensions

Deploy Click Dimensions' PowerPack swiftly with our expert guidance. From scoping your needs to go-live, we tailor the solution to enhance your marketing automation capabilities swiftly and effectively.

Service Details

Day 1: Scoping Day Begin with a thorough scoping session to align the implementation with your unique requirements.

Days 2-4: Configuration Days Intensive configuration tailored to your workflows and processes ensures optimal system setup.

Day 5: Testing Day Rigorous testing to guarantee a robust and reliable solution before go-live.

Day 6: Training Day Comprehensive training sessions empower your team to leverage the solution effectively.

Day 7: Go Live Day Smooth transition and real-time support to maximise benefits from day one.


Ongoing Support Packages Available:

Enhance your Swift or PowerPack implementation with tailored support and further optimisation through our Sales Success or Marketing Momentum services.