CRM support for support teams

CRM support for support teams

Adding another line to your support defences

We can help to improve your current CRM support, by enabling your support teams to engage us when they’re too busy or when specialist knowledge is needed.

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CRM support for support teams

Helping those who provide CRM support

Even those tasked with providing support on CRM systems can need a little help sometimes. We’re here to provide that second line of defence, to be called on when specialist knowledge or additional bandwidth is required.

Benefit from our hard-won expertise

However skilled an IT support team is, it’s always good to be able to call on a specialist as and when it’s needed. For almost twenty years, we’ve specialised in providing CRM support, training and consulting – working with organisations both small and large (including one of the UK’s biggest banks). We’ve helped to architect CRM systems, build them, support them and expand them as businesses grow.

Support as and when it’s needed

Support teams can call on our expertise to provide immediate answers to an urgent question, or to help guide them through system upgrades or bespoke development. We’re able to become the ‘virtual team member’ who supplies not just system support, but also help with how CRM systems are best deployed – including their underlying business processes.

Help with leading CRM systems

We provide support on Microsoft Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions, HubSpot and Nimble – we are a Microsoft Partner Network Member and a Cloud Solution Provider, a ClickDimensions Partner, a HubSpot Partner and a Nimble Partner.

Support packages to suit your needs

We provide monthly, quarterly and annual support packages. Our packages are flexible – although they are for ‘support’, when we come across a specific need, we will solve that in the best way possible – perhaps with consulting or training, all from hours drawn from the support package. The same applies to support questions from other areas of the business – we don’t ring-fence support packages to a specific part of the workforce, we’re happy to help out other teams without fuss or complication.