Knowledge support for business teams

Knowledge support for business teams

Let the business drive the business

The best business decisions are informed ones; we help business leaders make better decisions by keeping them up to speed with CRM developments, systems and processes.

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Knowledge support for business teams

Keeping stakeholders’ knowledge current

We’re here for business leaders and managers to call on as needed – to help them understand not only CRM systems but also customer-relationship management and how it works across an organisation.

Inside knowledge from the outside

CRM systems support organisations in a unique and strategic way. More than any other part of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, CRM systems require a board-level and managerial understanding in order to support the business in the best possible way. We can provide that expert view for business leaders and organisational stakeholders. Our holistic view of customer-relationship management and CRM systems enables us to answer questions and explore topics from a business and commercial, rather than just technical, perspective.

Knowledge transfer, help, advice and support

We’re flexible about how we provide support to business teams – we know they are busy people and we need to fit in with their schedules. Support can be anything from answering questions over the phone to providing an executive briefing to a management team on a specific topic or set of topics. We can also attend planning meetings, to provide the input that only a CRM specialist with commercial experience can deliver.

Support packages to suit your needs

We provide monthly, quarterly and annual support packages. Our packages are flexible – although they are for ‘support’, when we come across a specific need, we will solve that in the best way possible – perhaps with consulting or training, all from hours drawn from the support package. The same applies to support questions from other areas of the business – we don’t ring-fence support packages to a specific part of the workforce, we’re happy to help out other teams without fuss or complication.