Support for CRM projects

Support for CRM projects

Delivering CRM skills and knowledge for specific projects

Sometimes, organisations need specialist CRM skills for a fixed term – to help with important projects. We can undertake that role, helping to ensure project success.

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Support for CRM projects

Helping to deliver fixed-term CRM projects

We can provide additional bandwidth and CRM expertise when you’re implementing a new CRM system or changes to a current one.

Bringing specialist CRM knowledge to the team

In-depth CRM knowledge and years of experience can make a massive difference to the success of a CRM project. We can work with the technical and business teams, providing expert CRM support as and when it is needed. Our years of extensive experience can help to simplify decisions, explore alternatives, understand actions and consequences, reduce project timescales and ensure project success.

CRM expertise when you need it

We bring to your projects the in-depth CRM expertise you don’t need all year round. We’re here to provide support to your current teams, giving them someone to call on for expert advice and help. Our experience is holistic – encompassing not just CRM systems, but customer-relationship management as a best practice business process. This helps us to understand – and help with – the business implications of new CRM systems or implementing new functionality to current systems.

Support packages to suit your needs

We provide monthly, quarterly and annual support packages. Our packages are flexible – although they are for ‘support’, when we come across a specific need, we will solve that in the best way possible – perhaps with consulting or training, all from hours drawn from the support package. The same applies to support questions from other areas of the business – we don’t ring-fence support packages to a specific part of the workforce, we’re happy to help out other teams without fuss or complication.