Support for CRM technical teams

Support for CRM technical teams

Adding specialist CRM skills into your technical teams

We’re here to add our specialist CRM skills to those within your technical teams, enabling them to better meet the needs of the business.

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Support for technical teams

Helping those who build and maintain CRM systems

We provide additional, proven CRM skills to your technical teams to help them create, deploy, manage and support CRM systems across the business.

Training and support go hand-in-hand

In addition to our range of CRM training courses, we provide as-needed support for those technical teams responsible for an organisation’s CRM systems. Our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions, HubSpot and Nimble can be called upon as required – either to answer niggling questions or to help add or update functionality to a CRM system.

We’re your on-hand CRM specialist, here to help remove guesswork, demonstrate alternative approaches, explore consequences and assist with almost any CRM maintenance task.

We have a 360-degree view of how CRM works – it’s not just ‘a system’ but also a rich set of underlying business processes. So, we don’t just help to resolve issues from a technical perspective but also from a process or business perspective. This enables us to provide far more effective support than many others, who focus entirely on the system and do not have an understanding of your business, how it operates and how CRM fits into your business processes.

Support packages to suit your needs

We provide monthly, quarterly and annual support packages. Our packages are flexible – although they are for ‘support’, when we come across a specific need, we will solve that in the best way possible – perhaps with consulting or training, all from hours drawn from the support package. The same applies to support questions from other areas of the business – we don’t ring-fence support packages to a specific part of the workforce, we’re happy to help out other teams without fuss or complication.