Support for CRM users

Support for CRM users

CRM at the sharp end

However well a CRM system is built, it lives or dies by those who actually use it – the users – the sales, marketing and customer service teams and others across the business.

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Support for CRM users

Helping marketing, sales and service teams

We help those teams across the business who use your CRM systems to understand not just the functionality of those systems but also the underlying business processes and how both support the organisation.

Expert CRM support

We’re here to provide support to users, as and when they need it. It’s vital for all users of the system to fully understand ‘how it works’ – but they need to understand it in context. What are the underlying business processes? How does the business depend on the CRM system, and the information within it?

So, not only do we help people with the functionality of your CRM system, we help them understand how that system supports the business, how information is used – so we’re not just helping people with ‘this is how you perform this task’ but also ‘this is how you perform this task, this is what it does and this is why it matters’.

Support packages to suit your needs

We provide monthly, quarterly and annual support packages. Our packages are flexible – although they are for ‘support’, when we come across a specific need, we will solve that in the best way possible – perhaps with consulting or training, all from hours drawn from the support package. The same applies to support questions from other areas of the business – we don’t ring-fence support packages to a specific part of the workforce, we’re happy to help out other teams without fuss or complication.