CRM user training

Helping to make CRM systems really fly.

We’ve been working with the top teams of organisations both large and small for over two decades, helping them to understand CRM and use it to grow their businesses.

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CRM user training

For users of CRM systems

Success with CRM systems is determined by the effectiveness of their users. We support marketing, customer service, and sales teams in leveraging CRM systems to their fullest potential, ensuring optimal performance and results.

Learning topics

We help make CRM systems a seamless part of someone’s job, not something that’s a tiresome additional task.

When covering this learning topic, typical subject components include:

  • Customer and prospect management
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity to invoice management

When covering this learning topic, typical subject components include:

  • Case management
  • Working with queues, cases and activities
  • Resolving through knowledge sharing

When covering this learning topic, typical subject components include:

  • Digital marketing and CRM with ClickDimensions
  • Digital marketing and CRM with Customer Insights Journeys
  • Digital marketing with Touchdown
  • Preparing MI deliverables
  • Data searching and analysis of data
  • Using Outlook and CRM together
  • Using Power BI to report from Dynamics

Helping users perform their roles more effectively

For CRM systems to deliver the desired benefits, it’s vital that users understand not only their features – how they work – but their benefits – what they will do for them and their organisation. We train them to use CRM systems in context – in the context of their role, in the context of the business and in the context of the customer. We help people to understand fully how their CRM systems provide 360-degree benefits, not only how to ‘do this’ and ‘do that’.

Bespoke training for more effective results

Our bespoke approach ensures that we always deliver the most effective training. We work with organisations to understand precisely what needs to be taught, how CRM systems need to work within the team and the organisation, and structure training which is highly relevant, highly time-efficient (because we’re not wasting time teaching ephemeral topics) and highly successful.