Why our training is always bespoke

Always bespoke, always right.

Our bespoke CRM training courses focus on exactly what users and organisations need – saving both time and money compared to off-the-shelf courses, while making training more effective.

Bespoke CRM training: less time, lower cost, more focused learning

Standard, off-the-shelf training courses are fine – but they frequently cover too much ground, which means they take up too much time and cost more than they need.

Whichever CRM skills your business needs, you’ll be keen to keep costs down and time away from work to a minimum – while receiving the best training possible. These are great goals which CRM Knowledge proactively supports with our bespoke approach to CRM training.

How we create bespoke courses

We work closely with clients to explore exactly which skills they need, and therefore which topics need to be taught. This is partly understanding what learners already know and adding those topics they need to learn. The efficiencies can’t be overstated – the amount of time can be half, or less, than a standard training course. And because learners aren’t retreading old ground, they are kept engaged, making the courses far more effective.

Communication is key

Even when the best thing for a customer seems to be a standard course, we always explore the needs of the learners.Few companies implement CRM in the same way, so some level of course customisation is almost always beneficial.

Flexibility counts

We’re also happy to mix approaches to learning, for example providing some topics in the classroom to a group and covering others in detailed one-to-one support sessions. So, if learners progress quickly, time can go ‘in the bank’ to help with ongoing issues as they arise.

Taking a bespoke approach to CRM training removes the inefficiencies of many standard training courses. People learn exactly what they need to – they aren’t bogged down in unnecessary topics. Training takes less time, so overall costs are reduced. Bespoke courses are better for the business and better for the learner.