Case study Acora

Microsoft Dynamics ERP system migration

CRM Knowledge helped an IT services and technology provider move from a legacy system to a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

The client

Acora is a UK-based, award-winning IT services and technology partner with over 25 years’ experience. The company is ranked amongst the top 50 global managed services suppliers.

The project

Acora had an operational, but dated, version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM; the software was out of Microsoft’s support cycle and Acora wanted to move to a new cloud-based system.

The solution

Acora wanted to ensure that it made the most of the move to a new cloud-based system, so didn’t want a ‘lift-and-shift’ approach, but rather to define and configure a new solution from the ground up.

CRM Knowledge supported Acora at every stage of the project, commenting with a detailed analysis of what the new system needed to do. Working closely with the customer, CRM Knowledge configured and built the target system – running the project with defined, formal sign-off points with progress checks at regular intervals.

Once the system was built and signed off, CRM Knowledge migrated the data from Acora’s legacy system. Finally, CRM Knowledge provided training for all of the system’s users – around 100 people. The whole process took two months.

Since the deployment of the new system, CRM Knowledge has helped Acora with the implementation of ClickDimensions – a marketing solution which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Now, CRM Knowledge provides ongoing support to Acora. As a growing business, Acora often requires minor changes to the system, the answers to questions, product support – or guidance so that Acora’s teams can make changes to the system themselves.

Microsoft ClickDimensions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions work together to provide a comprehensive and integrated CRM and marketing solution.