Atmos International

Case study Atmos International

High impact, rapid Microsoft Dynamics deployment

Microsoft Dynamics can do more ‘out of the box’ than many people realise. This ready-and-waiting functionality allowed us to deploy a complete CRM solution in days, rather than weeks.

The client

Atmos International (Atmos) was originally founded in 1995, with a purpose to deliver the best pipeline leak detection and customer service to industries worldwide. More than 1,500 pipelines and 60 countries within the oil, gas, chemical, water, aviation and mining industries benefit from Atmos’ technology.

The project

Atmos wanted to implement a full-featured CRM system quickly, but without compromise. Involved in many long-running projects, Atmos builds relationships with its customers over time and needed a system to support its sales teams.

The solution

CRM Knowledge suggested a rapid, hands-on approach to implementing a new CRM system, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The ‘out of the box’ product can do more than many people realise – providing feature-rich CRM solutions without the need for programming and/or custom code.

An initial scoping day allowed Atmos and CRM Knowledge to explore both what would be needed by the business and what would be possible within the timescales. It also enabled Atmos to prepare for the implementation sessions.

CRM Knowledge went to the Atmos offices on the Monday morning to work side by side with the company’s sales director, to gain a direct understanding of how the business works, how the sales process works, how the teams are structured, how the sales pipeline operates – and much more.

This collaborative, sleeves-rolled-up approach enabled progress to be made very quickly indeed – CRM Knowledge was able to react to comments, question how things should best work and use immediate feedback to make instant changes to the system.

Development took a week – but was neither rushed, nor was there a need to burn the midnight oil or cut corners. By working closely with Atmos, CRM Knowledge ensured that the final solution was aligned to the company’s sales processes and met the needs of the business precisely.

By the Monday of the following week, work was complete – with customer data imported. Salespeople were trained, so that the system could be put into use almost immediately.

Daniel Short, sales director at Atmos, commented: “Having a CRM system that has been adapted to what the business needed made it very easy for the global sales and marketing team to adopt and use on a day-to-day basis. Having the collaborative week with CRM Knowledge meant that we could discuss, implement and test at pace – without unnecessarily dragging the project out.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365

A cloud-based CRM solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 doesn’t require the expensive and time-consuming deployment of local servers or client software.