UK banking sector

Case study UK banking sector

Microsoft Dynamics for financial services

CRM Knowledge has worked frequently within the UK’s financial services sector, for some of the world’s best-known banks.

The clients

CRM Knowledge has several years’ experience across the wealth, corporate and investment banking sectors, working with four world-leading banks.

The projects

Working on projects of every size, and in a range of roles, CRM Knowledge’s work included the UK’s first implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics system for a major bank.

The services

CRM Knowledge worked on location, to help architect, build and roll out a range of Microsoft Dynamics systems to support a variety of business uses. CRM Knowledge worked in both leadership roles and as an integrated part of larger implementation teams.

We were always engaged to work with systems which were ‘customer facing’ to make best use of our customer service, sales and marketing expertise – frequently in roles which involved interaction with, reporting to or management of project stakeholders.

With such a specialist sector, it’s vital to ‘become part of the business’ and understand the unique roles, business practice, processes and even jargon quickly in order to contribute fully. This is a key skill for CRM Knowledge – taking specialist information on board quickly in order to contribute CRM expertise in a more contextual (rather than ‘cookie cutter’) way.

Most of the work involved highly structured, long-running, formal projects which were designed to have a high impact on the business – frequently Microsoft Dynamics systems with thousands of seats internationally.