Implementing CRM projects

Implementing CRM projects

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CRM projects can absorb a lot of an organisation’s resources. We can help to relax the pressure, while at the same time bring a wealth of knowledge to the project.

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CRM implementation

Implementing CRM projects

We can add to the bandwidth and expertise of a CRM project implementation team or assist with project management and team management.

Adding expertise to the team

Even the best planned projects need additional help and expertise – important in the day-to-day but vital when the project hits bumps in the road. Our experience of almost twenty years can be a valuable asset, helping to advise and steer CRM projects in the right direction – keeping them on track, on time and within budget.

The big picture and the detail

We’re as much practical as we are theoretical – so while we can see the big picture of a CRM project, we can also dig into the detail and help solve niggling issues as and when they arise. Because we understand CRM within the context of how it works within a business, we’re able to offer far more informed advice – always considering how elements of the project affect the business that the CRM system will support.

Flexible consulting

Although we may be brought on board to work on a specific project, or undertake a specific role, we’re always flexible with our time when other needs arise. We’re happy to jump between projects, provide additional support or deliver training. Our goal is to deliver the best value possible.