Planning CRM projects

Planning CRM projects

We can help you to plan important CRM projects

With almost twenty years’ CRM experience, we can help to plan projects so they better align with the needs of the business and help each project run to deadline and within budget.

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CRM planning

Planning CRM projects

We bring expertise to CRM projects of all types and sizes, adding our specialist knowledge to that of the business and technical teams.

Adding expertise and knowledge to the planning process

The planning stage is the most critical part of any CRM project; it’s where expertise counts the most. Organisations don’t have to go it alone, they can call on us to work with their technical and business teams, benefiting from our considerable track record of planning CRM systems for sales, marketing and customer service. Most companies plan one or a handful of CRM projects – since 2003, we’ve helped to plan dozens, both large and small.

Commercial experience meets technical expertise

One of our biggest strengths is our combination of technical skills and commercial knowledge – we understand customer-relationship management not just from a software perspective but also in terms of business processes. This enables us to contribute in a unique way, but also help bridge conversations between technical and business teams.

Flexible consulting

Although we may be brought on board to work on a specific project, or undertake a specific role, we’re always flexible with our time when other needs arise. We’re happy to jump between projects, provide additional support or deliver training. Our goal is to deliver the best value possible.