Bespoke or ready-made training?

Always efficient, always effective

We overcome the biggest problem with most CRM training courses: having to wade through lots of topics you don’t need, in order to get to those you do.

Who has time to waste?

Whoever you are, you’re busy. You don’t have time to waste. Of course, time spent learning is time invested – so it’s not time wasted? Well, you’d think so. The reality is that many training courses – in order to be relevant to the widest audience – cover a lot of ground. Very rarely does all of that ground need to be covered. Indeed, in many cases, people just want to learn one or two topics – making standard training courses very wasteful. It’s not unusual for people to spend between 2–5 days on a course, when they only needed to learn for 2–5 hours.

Masterclass series: standard and short

Our Masterclass series of courses are ‘off the shelf’, ready to go. But unlike most standard courses, ours focus tightly on a single topic – so they are usually just a few hours long. We cover a lot of ground in that time, so they’re still a rich learning experience. We just don’t waste your time with things you simply don’t need to learn. All courses are taught by a Microsoft-certified instructor; one of the same team who also delivers our bespoke courses – and who has decades of experience in CRM training.

Bespoke series: created for you

Of course, short topic-based courses don’t always cut it. Sometimes you need to learn in greater depth. But the answer still isn’t a wasteful, long standard course – it’s to have something created which matches your specific needs. That way, you still cover only the ground you need to, no matter how in-depth the course. We work with clients to build courses which combine technology, their business processes and CRM best practices into one cohesive learning experience. Courses are only as long as they need to be.

Good learning is focused learning. It doesn’t matter how long or short it is, what matters is how relevant it is. Whether you choose a shorter, standard course or a longer, bespoke course, we skip over the stuff you simply don’t need to learn. Our courses are always engaging and interactive – delivered by an experienced and Microsoft-certified instructor. We deliver standard courses to individuals, groups and on a one-company basis. Our bespoke courses are always one-company events.